Make-Up splurge....

This weekend i have been to London with  my family and while i was there i did some retail therapy (would have been rude not too..ha) While i was there i got some great new items of clothing as well as some new pieces of make-up...
The best place to try on and look at all the different make-up brands is Selfridges Oxford street, its my favourite place to browse. The cosmetics hall is huge with every brand you could ever think of...

I looked around a lot of my usual make up brands that i use..Ysl, Dior, Bobbie brown Mac etc but i really wanted to try a new brand, Nars has always interested me and i have read some great stuff about this brand.
I headed over to the counter to be greeted by a really nice italian man to help me look and try!
I picked a few products that i really liked! 
I was very pleased with them and here is a few items that i purchased!!! 

Also on my make up splurge i purchased this great eyeshadow set from urban decay called naked 2. I have has my eye on this for a while it cost £36 which i think is a reasonable price considering you get 12 different shades and a eyeshadow brush too! I really really liked the colours in the set, some nice pale and nude colours for everyday use. 

I decided to try Nars lip loss, eyeshadow set, and there pro primer  which is a smudge proof eye shadow base!!

These are the eyeshadow i brought, on the left the set of two is called 'all about me' and cost £24 and the single eyeshadow is called 'cyprus' and cost £17

The lipgloss is a great nude colour its the colour Kim kardashian is a lover of, its called 'gold digger' and cost £19 

I have been very happy with all my new items of make up and will defiantly be purchasing from Nars again!!!

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