Arm Candy....

I'm totally in love with all these amazing bracelets , the more on your arm the better it looks!! You have to be very careful though, because it can look tacky if you pick the wrong items to wear!
The picture above is of my own bracelets, I got these from a shop in Westfields shopping centre! The brand is called butterfly they do some mega pieces.

The cuffs can spice most outfits up and are sold at reasonable prices, £50 each is the going-rate.

There are many different styles you can chose from, rock chic with the studs and spikes, glam girl with the bling and gold diamonds or casual ones which are great for turning a work outfit into an after work drink outfit.

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michelle Manus said...

Love these cuffs Hayley! I miss going to west fields with you, next time we visit defo have to make a trip!!! gonna have a look online for the cuffs :) xoxoxo