My bag collection....

My Bag Collection

Clothes can reflect frumpy and fat days, hair can get greasy or just not "go", shoes can rub and cause blisters…but…handbags. Well, where do I begin with my passion for handbags?

From a sleek leather day bag, to a glitzy swarovski crystalled evening clutch, a handbag is a statement piece which you have to get just right - every time. My personal favourite, Chanel. Coco Chanel is a fashion icon and her creations are the stuff of a legend. Maintaining classic lines and keeping style to a minimum - the Chanel handbag is a sure winner every time. I have 3 in my collection so far which have been collected over the last few years. The classic black is perfect for every outfit, and looks great with a flash of colour - deffo this season!Whereas the nude is more classic, an "investment" I convinced myself at the till (these things are pricy! £££)!!!! It goes perfectly with a lunchtime outfit, but quickly reforms into a glam evening bag with that LBD at the click of a finger.So the Chanel is classic, however my latest new editions are the cherries on top of my cupcake…The black Celine boasts suede finishing and a leather touch…simple yet brilliant - this handbag seems to maintain the "it" status in every category. The Prada is a tad more formal, making it great for those hectic business meetings on Regents Street, but not an evening wear bag. They both finish any outfit off nicely and are top of the trend this season.I have no doubt that my handbag obsession will slow down anytime soon, so keep a look out for my next new purchase! Sssshhh don't tell the bank!


The classic white tee...

I'm a big fan of the classic white t-shirt, from the classic round neck to the daring plunge,  its something that every girl should have in their wardrobe.
What i like about a white tee is it's versatility, it can be worn either very casual or dressed up to look cool and edgy...
Here are a few looks I love above.
When i'm going for a more casual look, i like to twin my white tee with some dark denim jeans and a chunky necklace with a boyfriend blazer to finish off the look.
At night, an oversized white tee with leather trousers and sky high Louboutin's looks subtle but incredibly sexy! Take it to the next level by mixing it up with leather shorts, to show off those tanned pins!
A white Tee is a classic timeless item that i LOVE.....


Disco Pants...

 I treated myself to something that I've wanted for ages, they do come with a hefty price tag of £70 but are worth the money. Disco Pants are American Apparel's famous best selling legging/trouser/pant beauties (think Bad-Ass Sandy), and are not for the faint hearted. They are very high waisted, very figure hugging, but also extremely flattering and are renowned for being able to suck you in in all the right places whilst at the same time showing off curves to give you a really slinky silhouette.
I really love how versatile they are, and can be worn in so many different ways to achieve different looks.
I rocked my new disco pants at the weekend with a white tee and red high top converse....

  1. Pair your disco pants with a simple plain or band t-shirt with rolled up sleeves to give a relaxed, grunge look. I think they'd look really cute with a high ponytail and a pair of scruffy Converse.
  2. Disco pants seem to make everyone that wears them instantly look unique and edgy (even though everyone seems to have them). Paired with either a buttoned up shirt or a loose fitting one, they look really chic and effortlessly fashionable.
  3. I opted for the black pair as I think they look great when incorporated into a monochrome outfit. I particularly love the 5th look with the blazer and bowler hat.
  4. Disco pants are a really great addition to a wardrobe for this time of year, to help with the transition between Winter and Summer
  5. http://store.americanapparel.co.uk


This is my new neon yellow jacket. I found it in Zara for 79.99 i loved the gold zips and the way the bottom is removable!!
My inspiration was this picture Kim Kardashian posted on her intsagram, i love all the neon colours out this season!!!
I will wear my jacket with some light coloured skinny jeans and white vest, think this will look really summery and fresh looking...will defo need a tan to wear this look...need to get the st tropez out!!! 

My life through Instagram.....

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Latest Holiday finds

Here is some new items i recently brought. I went to leeds this weekend to visit  my friend and we went on a little shopping trip as you do..
Leeds is really good for vintage shops, i brought two pairs of levi 501which i was really pleased with they only cost me £14 and look great with a bustier.

These are my two new bustiers. The leopard prink and lace one is from topshot it cost me £30, this is quiet a lot but its got lots of detail and lace on it...
The second one is fax leather and i got this from a shop called Ark which sell really cool vintage looking items. this cost me £19.99

This months fun quotes...

Ibiza fashion.....

I go to Ibiza in June for my best friends Hen do, so i have been looking for some perfect Ibiza chilled out looks!!
Here are some that i have fallen in love with...Its all about good pair of denim shorts and a casual loose vest!
Ibiza is a very cool, trendy kinda vibe, so these outfits would be perfect... i like to accessorise with belts, hats and jewellery!!

New Zara jacket.


Maxi skirts....

Hey guys, so sorry its been a while since i did my last post, I have been slacking....but I'm back with you with some of my favourite spring fashions.
I can't wait for the better weather to arrive so i can wear my maxi skirts....Here are some looks that i personally love!
The great thing about this look is its effortless, you can just chuck one on with a cute tee and a leather jacket and it looks great....
I have found some really nice ones in Zara, I brought a pale pink one but there is loads of bright colours for this season!!