Ibiza fashion.....

I go to Ibiza in June for my best friends Hen do, so i have been looking for some perfect Ibiza chilled out looks!!
Here are some that i have fallen in love with...Its all about good pair of denim shorts and a casual loose vest!
Ibiza is a very cool, trendy kinda vibe, so these outfits would be perfect... i like to accessorise with belts, hats and jewellery!!


Jodie Harrison said...

Please please please can you tell me where the denim shorts with long fray (1st and 5th pik) are from??? I need them... Ps I just love your blog you have such good taste x

Hayleycooper said...

Hey, thanks so much, glad you like my blog. The shorts are from a website called www.nastygal.com. Its an American site but delivers to the UK.
They have some fab stuff on there. xx