My New Prada Purse

So, finding the perfect purse has been a real chore for me, it probably doesn't help that I am very fussy! A purse is something you use every single day, so you have gotta get it just right! 
I had been on the hunt for a few weeks, looked high and low, and been into all the designer shops!

I narrowed it down to just two, this Prada gold one and a black quilted Chanel with the logo - both classics.

I am a BIG fan of Chanel and have the black quilted bag, so thought it was perfect for me. But to be honest, price was the deciding factor for me on this one, with the Chanel classic coming in at £600. That's an awful lot of money for a purse that didn't really stand out.

My gold Prada one was £295 - a much more reasonable price!

Any one who knows me, know I adore anything gold - so I guess this purse is perfect for me.

I love the structured bow on the front and think its a very unsual look that I haven't seen before. It stands out, and in comparison to the Chanel price - it was a complete bargain!

I <3 My New Prada Purse!!

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