The Essentials.....

These are some of the ultimate essentials that no girl should be without. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo

If you want that extra 10 minutes in bed after a late night partying, this is the official life saver!
Batiste dry shampoo banishes oily roots, giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without water. A quick burst revitalises hair, adds body, texture and volume and leaves it feeling clean and fresh too. 

They have loads of different types, some for blonde hair, some for dark hair - but my favourites are 'Wild' and the 'XXL Volume' ones which are exclusive to Boots. They smell delish! To check out the whole range then just visit the website.

St Tropez 

Out of all the tans on the shelfs at the moment, this is the ultimate. It gives you a nice bronze glow, opposed to a tacky orange tan which is every girls worst nightmare - I've had a few in my time.

Out of the mousse, spray and lotion I prefer the lotion myself - but everyone is different. It's easy to rub in, doesn't go streaky and most importantly it doesn't leave that lingering 'fake tan' smell after washing.

The Self Tan Bronze Lotion is £20.43 for 120ml or for 240ml its £30.64 - bargain considering they last for ages! Visit http://www.st-tropez.com

St Tropez Tan Remover

And to top it off, St Tropez have even created a solution to those orange hands too! After applying your lotion, be sure to grab yourself a squirt of this tan remover. It can remove tan off the palms of your hands, or in those sticky places for up to 4 hours after applying...ideal!

You can also buy this from the website above, for just £12.26!

Moroccan Oil

I love love love this Moroccan hair oil which revives hair, reduces drying time and leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and smooth.

They do a whole range of items, from hair oils to luminous hair spray - definitely worth a try ladies.

You can find this either on the website, or by popping into your local beauty hair salon.


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